Memory Wall

Sasha L



June 6, 2006 - Sept 4, 2018 (not quite 12 years and 3 months)

Sasha was a wonderful dog.  A Husky, Lab, German Sheppard mix. Very loving and caring and always liked to be petted and held.  When she was a puppy she loved to chew on anything made of wood (including bed frames).

She was a very active dog, who loved the outdoors, especially the winter.  We called her "Snow Dog".  She loved to go for walks in the forest and parks and always got excited when we asked if she wanted to go for a "car ride".

She loved playing with a soccer ball in the backyard.    She loved to eat and always demanded liver treats after her dinner.  She got along great with our cats (Missy and Cleo) and was a good big sister to our other dog Hershey.

She always had a smile and a wag for us whenever we got home.   We had many great adventures with her and we can't wait until we can see her again.

Terry, Diane, Hershey, Missy and Cleo Laschuk.