Memory Wall




March 15th 1999 to June 5th 2018

Tumbles was a beautiful loving cat. She was a social animal and gave so much pleasure to everyone she met. Tumbles was a very vocal cat, she always greeted you with a meow and we were never unsure of what she wanted, food, treats, outdoors or a cuddle.

She was a sun lover and always managed to find a sunny spot in the house or outside. She eagerly awaited the snow to melt so she could get outside and would happily spend all day in the garden birdwatching or snoozing. Nine years ago we had to remove one of her eyes due to cancer and the vet told us that she would have to be an indoor cat, however Tumbles had other ideas and was determined to get back outside. No amount of restraint would stop her and eventually we had to bow to her demands and let her roam free. Being one eyed didn’t seem to hinder her and she continued to bring us little presents after hunting trips.

We were very fortunate to have enjoyed her company for such a long time. She is sadly missed by her family and everyone she met.

May you rest in peace dear Tumbles.