Memory Wall




December 28, 2002 - November 7, 2018

We will always remember - her beautiful face, her sleek, slender body, her graceful crossed paws.

In the beginning, The Humane Society told us she was deaf - but really she wasn't. Her quiet aloofness was just part of her natural charm.

She didn't hit it off with co-adopter Grandma, at first, who dubbed her "that hound from H***!" - but our Sweet Lady PawPaw did eventually win over Grandma's heart and they became the best of friends.

She loved her fast runs at Conroy Pit and her long drives anywhere with windows open wide.

She will be deeply missed by neighbours Shirley & Don, character reference and co-adopters Belle & Lawrence, by her very loving and devoted friend Margaret,

and mostly by her main human guy Arni who is so grateful for spending almost 16 of the happiest years together.

Good-bye and safe journey dear friend!