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Lulu HD

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Born: 2005

Adopted: March 2009

Left us: Oct 2, 2018

We adopted Lulu and Missy in 2009, from my cousin and her daughter, who had developed a severe allergy.

You had to earn Lulu’s affection and trust. She seemed most happy when she could hear us or see us – at a little distance. Any time she came close, to have a snooze next to you on the couch or under the covers on the bed, it felt special. She loved spooning Missy, often with a paw around Missy’s shoulders. At her happiest, we would find her and Missy kneading each other, usually while lounging in a patch of sun on the bed. She made us laugh every day, usually because she was looking at us “upside down” while making funny “yoga” poses on the stairs or rugs.

We love her so much and miss her dearly.