Memory Wall

Zeus B



May 2001 - April 24, 2018


Zeus, what can we say about you that will show others just how special you were. From day one you brought joy and happiness into our lives. From our days at University where you would stretch out on our text books and whack the pencils from our hands just so we would pet you instead, to the days you helped us welcome home each one of our three children -- insisting that the stroller was YOUR mode of transportation. The hundreds of "gifts" you brought home for us on your late evening hunting expeditions to walking the kids to their bus stop each morning when they started school. Each time we moved to a new community, you got to know each of the neighbours who would pay attention to you...and sometimes even those who didn't want to pay attention to you! You were a household name to many, especially those who ignored the "Please don't feed me" tag on your collar. Social kitty is an understatement. Our Ninja Kitty, our ZooZoo. We miss your no-existent meow, your snuggles, the way you greeted us at the door at the end of a long day -- but most of all we miss the unconditional love you gave to all of us everyday for 17 years. Your life was long, happy and full of stories that we will share every time we feel the sadness of missing you. Rest peacefully sweet boy.