Memory Wall



23.10.2008 - 27.04.2018


My name is Ninja. If you’ve ever seen me around it probably means we're friends. After all, meeting new people is something I’m especially good at. You can certainly tell by the way my tail wiggles. I didn’t always wag my tail. In fact I had a very hard life until meeting my forever family. No one ever stopped to pet me; and people never said hello. That changed when my mommy came to get me. She smiled at me and told me I was a good boy. They are the best people! They are my people and I love them. I know they love me too, because they say so every day. I am a very happy dog, who is much loved. I’ve had so many happy years, but I’m a little tired now and I have to go and rest. It’ never easy, but it is right; because I am loved. I know my family lies with me while I rest. I know they will be there when I wake up. Thank you my family; thank you for loving me forever.

May you run with me while the wind rushes past. May you sit with me while the sun rises and sets. And, may you be there waiting for me when we are finally reunited. Enjoy the sunshine Ninja and rest easy till we meet again.