Claire Place Veterinary Hospice will be providing services throughout the holidays should you need an appointment.

For those that have had to say goodbye to a treasured pet, holiday seasons are often the most difficult of times.  Holidays are intended to be times of joy, family togetherness, gift giving, and thankfulness. Yet, if you have had to say goodbye to a loved one, holidays can also naturally bring times of sadness, loss, and emptiness.

Your feelings of loss will probably leave you feeling fatigued and your energy level will naturally slow you down.  Be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to slow down and grieve.

Embrace your treasure of memories. Perhaps one of the best legacies that exist after the death of a beloved pet, are memories. Holidays always stimulate us to think of times past. So instead of ignoring them, share them with understanding family and friends. Memories are often tinged with both happiness and sadness. If your memories bring laughter, let yourself smile, and if your memories bring sadness, let yourself cry. Memories that were made in love are forever yours.

Best wishes from the staff of Claire Place this holiday season.