Memory Wall



My sweet Missy (2000 - 2017)

Missy was my devoted companion for a long time.  She came to us as a surprise gift from the neighbours.  What a mischevious, independent fur ball she was. She watched over the world from the top of the front door when it was open. 

She was my alarm clock in the morning and tucked me in by doing her happy-kitty dance on my abdomen at night. When I broke my knee, Missy sat beside me for 2 months as I lived on the couch.

Missy loved the mechanical toys my son built for her.  She also looked forward to 'couch time' play with me daughter before school.  She was the very best at checking for mice when I changed the sheets.  Such a big help! She loved it when the kids would whistle Christmas carols too.

Missy watched Senators hockey with me and even said "Mlah!' when I roared at a home team goal. I will miss her as hockey season starts.

Get good cuddles from Finley and don't let Spunky get your goat :o)

You live on in my heart sweet baby girl.