Claire Place Veterinary Hospice

In-home hospice, palliative care, and end of life support for your pet.

As a mobile veterinary hospice team, we provide peace and comfort to your pet and your family during the very difficult end of life stage for your beloved animal companion.

We will come to your home to assess your pet in their natural setting, where they are the most comfortable, surrounded by the people who love them. We will do everything possible to improve their physical and emotional well-being, and to help you, the caregivers, to cope with the difficulties of caring for a terminally ill pet or making the heart breaking decision of when it is time to say good-bye to your animal friend.

We will be there to support and guide you through difficult decisions for your pet while they remain within the comfort and security of their favourite place, your home.

We provide services in the Ottawa/Gatineau area.


Meet Dr. Titcombe


Dr. Lianna Titcombe offers at home hospice care for elderly and terminally ill pets, as well as providing compassionate support for the pets' owners. Read More »